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Mrad Electric was established in 1985 as an industrial manufacturing firm, producing Electrical and Electronics devices ranging from simple Control Circuitry, Electric Transformers, all the way to Electric Stabilizers and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units. In 2000, Mrad Electric joined efforts with Distelek and renovated its business model and operation; the assembly line was abridged and the firm was devoted to serve its mission fully:

“Mrad Electric is dedicated to provide Electric and Electronic products manufacturers with full support, from technical consulting, components providing, marketing and products promoting”.


Technical Consulting:

 Mrad Electric has been providing professional Engineering consulting for Electric and Electronic Products Manufacturers since 2000. Our success in the consulting field is owed to two main factors, setting us apart from competitors:

  • Industrial Experience: our experience in manufacturing has exposed the team at Mrad Electric, over 15 years, to an enormous amount of technical problems and associated solutions. The talent and expertise gained during this period is considered a valuable asset to Mrad Electric, forming a concrete block to build upon our consulting services.
  • Exceptional Human Resources: besides the industrial experience, we have strived at Mrad Electric to create an exceptional team, in compliance with our philosophy regarding human resources; we believe that any success in the business and engineering world is a result of a well harmonized, talented and motivated team. Mrad Electric employs fresh and experienced engineers from prestigious colleges around the globe, as well as part time university-professors to provide the best consulting services to our customers.


Marketing & Products Promoting:

Mrad Electric has established a respected brand and reputation in the Lebanese and Middle-Eastern markets, and has always used it to the advantage of our customers. Mrad Electric has a tradition of purchasing finished products from its clients (manufacturers and assembly lines) and promoting them in marketing campaigns to reach the end users. This has proven to be a very beneficial step to our customers, to the end users, and to Mrad Electric as well, solidifying the basis of partnership and mutual profit between us and our customers.

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